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Pentecostal, Pearl Jam – music brings ecstasy to us all

From the web: Music as a catalyst for ecstasy At first, these settings may appear to have little in common. Yet, in both...
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Rebecca St. James engaged to be married

One of Christian music’s most recognized and beloved artists is opening the New Year with an exciting announcement: Rebecca St. James is engaged to be...
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GLOBAL: The road ahead for information sharing in emergency response

DUBAI, 30 March 2011 (IRIN) - Humanitarians do not yet make the most of new technology and virtual teams to expedite emergency response, and deal with...
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My favorite place in the world is Colorado. I spent every summer there growing up and my family still has a cabin there. I love to hike (up to 12,000 ft peaks), bike, and raft in the mountains, so it is like heaven to me there. Biggest Challenge? My biggest challenge is being patient. I am very efficient and quite a perfectionist, so waiting does not come easily to me. Best Advice? Treat others as you would want to be treated, and never compromise what you know is right. Goals?To be a successful performer who is able to influence people for good.
Kalyn Hemphill attributes her success to perfecting her skills through dedication and a strong work ethic in story ‟Talk to Kalyn Hemphill, actress, model, singer”
Recognising Reality - Grieve that God is cursed for every catastrophe, but seldom praised for His wonderful Creation. Lament that God makes the news headlines only when man mocks His power or questions His goodness, but tens-of-thousands of God’s acts of mercy, grace, protection, provision and patience receive no headlines. Grieve that the Name of the only righteous Man who ever walked the earth is used as a swear word on T.V. screens and in cinemas across the world. Grieve that God is blasphemed by the very same people who question why God does not restrain the consequences of their own rebellious actions
Dr. Peter Hammond in story ‟WHEN NATURAL DISASTERS HIT”